Monday, August 3, 2009

Adventures On Cottonwood Lane

When I was young there was some friends of mine that lived on the corner of Cottonwood Lane which is a street west of town. Every Sunday afternoon after church we would go to their house and hang out and walk down this road called Cottonwood Lane. We would go down to the creek to climb rocks, fish, swim and of course play pranks on each other. We would spend hours down there or at least until it was time for evening church. There were no worries, no thinking what ifs and there was no fear. We were on top of the world. I was thinking about Cottonwood Lane and all of our adventures when I thought about the narrow road. We walk along the narrow road so beat up and so downtrodden it's hard for those around us to see the joy we are to have in our lives. I have come to think that our narrow road should be our Cottonwood Lane. Along this narrow road we should have no worries, no what ifs and no fear. Remember when you were young, what was your Cottonwood Lane? Do you remember when you swung across the creek there was no worry about the rope breaking? What happened to the young person who had no second thought of jumping off a cliff to the water below? What happened to the child in us all?
I guess the older we get the more we think about the what ifs instead of trusting God. When jumping off the cliff we run only to stop a few inches from the edge. What stops us these days from taking that leap? Is it the fear or worry that we might be hurt from the fall? If we fall we only fall on the grace of God. This narrow road is not easy and it can be tiresome. I remember when walking back to the house after our time down at the creek we were tired and worn out but we knew that home was just around the corner. Home is just around the corner so have fun on this road. Live with no worries, no what ifs and no fear. When you come to the edge of something in your life take that leap and remember if we fall we only fall on the grace of God.

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