Sunday, September 6, 2009

Idolizing The Faith Of Others

Years ago as a young teenage christian I always looked up to certain famous christians whether they were on tv or in music. I always wanted what they had in their faith. Being a song or lyric writer I always wanted to write the cool songs like them or be able to share what was on my heart like famous speakers from the tv. All I was was just a shadow of them I allowed their faith to shape who I was and wanted to become. Now days I realize that my faith is mine. Instead of changing my faith to be like others I allow my faith to change me. There really is a freedom in doing this. I see things in a different light than what I used to. Instead of being narrow minded and closed off I am more open minded and compassionate. Don't allow the faith of others to shape you let your faith shape you. Allow your faith to see beyond the closed door, to see beyond the horizon. If you want an example don't look to others and how successful they are but look to the author and perfecter of our faith Jesus Christ.

God created you and has a plan for you. A plan that is designed only for you and no one else. No one can fill your shoes and you can't fill others. If you try and be like some other person no matter how great their faith maybe you will never be effective in your ministry. And believe it or not we all have a ministry. I want to challenge and encourage you to find you who are in Christ, find God's plan for your life and just be YOU. You are you for a reason embrace it.

In The Twilight Of His Coming