Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Small Things In Life

I was thinking about the Call Of God the other day and about how some christians when God calls them to do something, we think that it has to be something big. God may call some of us to minister the Gospel to others but before we run off to seminary school to become a pastor, God may really just want us to go next door and minister to our neighbor. God may call some of us to sing but before we start booking a world tour, God really wants us to sing the solo in church. When I was a teenager I thought God called me to do a concert at a local apartment complex near my church which never happened because it was more of me wanting to do something big for God rather than allowing God to speak through me. I also remember when I was about 7 or 8 years old and dreaming about being in a rock 'n' band, playing concerts, recording albums, and having a large fan base. When I became a christian as a teenager I was always hoping that God would put that calling on my life to be a successful christian music artist.

Later on in my walk with Christ not even thinking about my dream of being a huge christian artist I join a little small band that played at churches and small youth events around our city and surrounding towns. During one of our practice sessions there was some miscommunication between us which led to some arguments which led me to thinking about leaving the band. That night while at home I was thinking about what had happened at the practice and it was then that God opened my eyes and I realized that God gave me the opportunity to realize my dream. I was in a band, that played live on stage, even went in a recording studio to record some of our songs and we even had a fan base and I was about to throw it all away. Well I ended up staying and everything turned out. The band may not have been huge and famous and we may not have had millions of fans but God still blessed me with that dream. It may not have been the big call that I wanted but God used that small calling to not only minister to others but to me as well.

I think as christians we think if God calls us it has to be something big, but I think it is in the small things that we find our calling. I may never be called to sing on a world tour in front of thousand of fans, I may never be called to something that my selfishness sees as "it has to be big" and that's ok. Maybe my calling is small, maybe my calling is to be a simple man who shows God's love and grace through his experiences and examples, to be an honest and faithful husband to his wife and to be a good father to his children. We may dream of being or doing something great for God but if all we do are the small things in life then I think God says "Well done thy good and faithful servant.

In The Twilight Of His Coming

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